The Mouth-Gut Axis

How the Oral and GI Microbiomes Influence and Rely on Each Other

WED, NOV 1OTH  | 11am PT

Please join us Wednesday, Nov. 10, at 11 am when Dr. Jocelyn Strand, Biocidin’s Director of Clinical Education, discusses the Mouth-Gut Axis with Barbara Tritz, RDH, HIAOMT, “The Queen of Dental Hygiene.”
They will answer questions including:
  • How is addressing the gut microbiome a game-changer in maintaining oral health?
  • Is establishing healthy microbial balance in the mouth a missing puzzle piece in dealing with persistent GI imbalances?
Barbara Tritz is a practicing biological dental hygienist and a knowledgeable, engaging educator on the latest discoveries in oral health. Dr. Strand’s passion for science and reverence for botanicals inform her vision for increasing awareness about natural solutions to today’s health challenges.
You will leave with a solid understanding of:
  • The Mouth-Gut axis
  • The power of proven botanicals
  • Simple steps you can offer your patients to create (and keep!) that beautiful smile from the inside out

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Dr. Jocelyn Strand, ND

Naturopathic Doctor & Director of Clinical Education at Biocidin

Jocelyn Strand, ND, is the Director of Clinical Education at Biocidin®. A Naturopathic Doctor since 2005, Dr. Jocelyn possesses a passion for science, a reverence for botanicals, and a vision for increasing awareness about naturopathic medicine. Dr. Jocelyn monitors and participates in research, trains clinicians, and is a respected and engaging speaker. Before joining Biocidin® in 2019, Dr. Jocelyn was a primary care provider in private practice through the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. She specialized in GI system disorders, Lyme disease, and autoimmune conditions.


Barbara Tritz, RDH, HIAOMT

Biological Dental Hygienist at Green City Dental

Barbara K. Tritz, RDH, HIAOMT, is a practicing biological dental hygienist in the office of Green City Dental in Edmonds, WA. She also owns Washington Oral Wellness in Kirkland, WA, where she practices orofacial myofunctional therapy. She completed her accreditation in Biological Dental Hygiene through the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and is laser certified through the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Barbara shares her knowledge and helps others find total body health through lectures, talks, and her blog and website, Queen of Dental Hygiene.